Sunday, April 17, 2016

Shop Talk #10

In this vlog, I discuss my most recent project, a few that are pending, and a couple of other issues, including lazy squirrels.

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Laundry Shelf

We bought our house back in 2008. Ever since the first day, my wife has been asking me to remove this shelf that's in the laundry room because it's too high for her to reach the top shelf, and that's where she keeps the detergent and stuff (she has a step stool that she uses, but would prefer not to have to use it).

I was cleaning around the shop a week or two ago and was trying to find a place for some leftover plywood from the bookshelf cubby I built a couple months ago, then realized it would be the perfect material to use for a laundry shelf. I'd be getting rid of some clutter, and I'd be making her happy (one of my life's mottos is "Happy wife, happy life").

I designed the shelf in Google Sketchup, then exported the shots of the components of the entire thing, and converted those to PDF format. For me, it's just easier to read a plan in PDF format, rather than try and use Sketchup. In my opinion, making a design is easier in Sketchup, but harder to read, so I went this route.

Anyway, I made the initial cuts and was getting ready to set up my dado stack when my wife came down with a change of plans. Instead of replacing the old shelf, she decided she'd just like to have a new one that goes on a different wall. That wasn't a problem, but the other wall isn't as wide, so I had to do a little modification of the plan, and after getting some new measurements, I re-cut the pieces to their new length and resumed work on the rabbets. Since the shelf was going to be smaller, I didn't put in the middle divider.

Below is the video of the entire project. I was thinking of doing a stain, but on the bookshelf cubby project I didn't really like how the plywood took the stain, so I was thinking about just doing a clear coat of polyurethane, instead. My wife once again changed my mind, because she said she wanted it the same off-white that is in the laundry room now, so paint it was.

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